To begin with called merely Cyberpunk, the brand new 2077 subtitle is actually extra in later 2012

Cyberpunk 2077 is actually an unbarred-globe, action-adventure role-to relax and play games, set-up and you can written by Computer game Projekt Red which had been create Video game Projekt Yellow Summer Appointment just like the official games adaption from Mike Pondsmith’s pen and you can papers RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


Cyberpunk 2077 is an extension of occurrences of Cyberpunk 2020, getting a unique path to that of Cyberpunk V3.0. The overall game is decided in the dystopian area regarding Night Area. It’s place in the latest 100 % free County out of Northern California. Night Area is southern out-of San francisco around the city regarding Morro Bay, California. Throughout Cyberpunk 2020, Night Area is alleged to own a society in excess of four billion population. Yet not, which count is thought to be more big for the 2077.

Following the a financial collapse sometime during the early 21st 100 years, the united states was forced to trust large businesses to help you survive. This type of businesses deal inside many components, including firearms, robotics, cybernetics, pharmaceuticals, interaction, and biotechnology; a few of these enterprises perform over the laws.

The online game employs the storyline off V – a hired weapon rising inside the Night Area, the essential unlawful and you may risky city of the corporate-governed coming. A powerful character copywriter enables participants to decide V’s intercourse, good looks, plus historic record – which elizabeth.

The world comes from the newest really works out of article writers such as for instance William Gibson (composer of Neuromancer) and you will Phillip K Penis, whose off Electric Sheep? and you can further flick adaption Knife Runner greatly swayed this new creator, Mike Pondsmith, to make the first tabletop RPG.


The player reputation V, try developed and Jackie Welles, so you can deal a significant piece of tech throughout the Arasaka Firm – referred to as processor of immortality – from the fixer Dexter Deshawn. The latest duo manage to penetrate the fresh megacorp and bargain the device although plan goes awry and you may Jackie generally seems to die. Shortly after meeting with Dexter, V try betrayed and you may left to have deceased in a landfill, but is able to survive – possibly inside the-region due to the chip out-of immortality – that is troubled by electronic-ghost from renowned Rockerboy, Johnny Silverhand.

The newest Corpo-Rat

V begins on the Arasaka Tower, in which Arthur Jenkins provides them with work to get some other corporate staff. V arrives at Lizzie’s Bar of the AV and is accosted from the numerous basketball members, just who it almost floor by performing an unlawful landing toward baseball courtroom. V enters the institution and you may suits with their old pal Jackie Welles, therefore the two start to talk about.

Unfortunately in their eyes each other, its address have trapped breeze of the shot and you may Arasaka teams appear. V’s offer was terminated in full and therefore are almost pulled aside from the Arasaka goons, simply for Jackie in order to step up and you will frighten brand new Arasaka team with the backing off. V has shed almost everything at this point – apart from the fresh 10,0000 eurodollars Jenkins provided her or him.

The new Nomad

V, a lone nomad on the solution to Evening Urban area, has actually auto products to your border towards badlands and is compelled to search the help of a region auto technician. V was able to augment the automobile in advance of he is exposed friendfinder slevový kód to your regional sheriff because they go on to the Evening City. V next should see the area broadcast mast in order to get in touch with anybody from their clan in order to in order to satisfy Jackie Welles with the outskirts and you may gather an Arasaka-possessed cryo-shops basket and that need after that getting smuggled from the border checkpoint. Edging security resources of Arasaka, but not, and you can representatives make an effort to intercept V and you may Jackie before they may be able enter the city; an automobile pursue arises in which V need to play with an excellent DR5 Nova to handle the fresh new pursuers.